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The view from my window has changed. Winter has given way to spring, and with it more plants are growing, green is showing, flowers are starting to make themselves known.

People walk by, some with masks on to protect against Covid 19. Some on bicycles. Many a dog walking his or her family.

Sky is indeed more blue. After all, we are staying indoors so much more, for now.

But, to be sure, the view from my window has not changed a whole lot. The sun remains fairly constant. At times the clouds will cloak it, during which I’m pretty sure the sun is napping.

Night time is when the moon goes on its shift.

I think of the moon clocking in, patting the sun on the back: “See you tomorrow!” The sun winks, packs up all the golden fire, and goes off to its other day job. The sun is 24/7. No overtime there, not for billions of years. The sun never takes a vacation, but we do — many of us go where it’s sunny, where it’s warmer. That’s a vacation.

My imagination has not changed, at all. I still dream that the world is going to celebrate its beauty, that we will dance and frolic in the joy of being here, of being alive, even with all the challenges, the difficulties, the inevitable ordeals. Daydreaming at the window remains a serious part of the routine. I know I should focus on what I see. I am working on it, I am, but not making a whole lot of progress.

As I said, the view from my window has not changed much, nor the beat of my heart. I suspect you would tell me the same, neighbor. We are all neighbors now.

Maybe I will put a sign up when I am away from the window sill — “Be Right Back!” Except, I don’t like predicting things, and some day I won’t be back.

I hope there is a window sill in heaven. Do you know if my view will be much different from this one? Please, let me know if you have any insights into that. Would be fun if I had a view of where the dogs are — assuming I don’t land right in the midst of them, when I get there. I wonder if God ever makes a little miscue and one of us winds up in dog heaven, after which it turns out it was not a mistake at all, but just God answering another prayer.