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“Please walk with me”


“I want to show you some things – ”


“Well, this forest for one”

“Really? Not real interested, sorry”

“This sunlight, ok? Enjoy it!”

“Wait, I can see it for myself, and I sure don’t need you to drag me along!”

“The ocean, look at this expansive, sprawling beauty”

“Stop. For goodness sakes, I mean, enough… Enough. What in the world is your deal?”

“Take this — yes, yes — come on, just take it. This is your heart. Please, yes, put it there. Just do it, ok?  Humor me.  Put it right there, thanks!”

“Oh my. Oh. My. I can’t get over how beautiful things are. Wait a second, what is this? Did you drug me or something? What have you done to me? This is all so incredible, I mean, it is truly remarkable. I am astonished. Is this real? What have you done to me?”

“I can’t help but chuckle at that question. You fool — You absolute unmitigated fool. You are like so many others. I’m just making you wear your heart on your sleeve!”