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A few years ago we lost our beloved dog, a golden retriever. It was a shattering experience.

For years on Facebook, a fellow in England has posted about his best friend, companion, a very cheeky, wonderful, handsome golden retriever boy named Paddy. Literally at least a thousand people per day followed Paddy (and Tony), and the photos brought a lot of cheer and joy and laughter.

Today we have the post that Paddy has left us. It is so very heart breaking for folks around the globe, let alone for Tony.

I made a video back a ways about this, two really, one entitled Spirit which is found elsewhere on this page (or on You Tube at Ron Sokol Books).

And, wrote a little book of the same title, Retrieval.

This, the other video below as I call it, was/is an effort to make sense of it all. Truth is, the loss hurts so damn much.