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Sir, listen to me: What is it so startling that you have seen?

Officer, a large yellow, orange ball of fire, way up there… way way up there in the sky, and it said very plainly: “Be careful!”


Then it was quite windy. Wet. Intense! Snap of the fingers.

Ok, then what?

I saw some of the flowers struggling to stay upright, so I went into the flower bed to try to help them.

At which point you stumbled over the body?

Yes, in fact it hurt my foot, and I bumped my head on the ground. When I came to you were staring down at me, blocking out the sun which had returned to the sky… which is why I got so frightened.

I see… Sun was blocked out, so at night I take it you’re beside yourself?

(there is a pause in their exchange, at which point he says)

How did you know?