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Gwen knew she could look much prettier. Knew well she could make effort to get a bit dolled up.

And, why not?  Smell nice, look equally nice, have a beguiling smile.  The fact she is elderly is a minor blemish, if a blemish at all. She could seek to take advantage of age, turn it into a positive!

True, she would not be on a Runway at Fashion Week, but she spent quite a bit of time, effort and money (even took some things back and replaced them) to really dress well, have a stunning hair cut — for her age and station and all she had been through. Facial make up that complements her charm. And a tiara to crown her lovely hair.

She was waited on by a darling young woman, maybe 24, 25, with dimples, dark  hair, and an infectious energy.  Her name is Samantha. The store manager is a a truly dashing Hispanic man, 35, 40, classic good looks, 5 feet 10 to 6 feet tall, and a tattoo on his right muscle that reads: “Buena Suerte!”  His goes by the name Andrew.

Gwen wore very fine shoes, after getting a pedicure of course.  She thought of wearing gloves, but left her fingers showing, with nail polish to die for.  She readied herself for a great outing  One that would last a very long time. Like a grand entrance, with all eyes upon her.

Gwen has actually passed away.  The gentleman I mentioned, Andrew, is helping mourners get seated at the mortuary.  Samantha, the make-up artist, works there, in various roles including with the dearly beloved.

We have an open casket. There is a truly wonderful array of flowers.

The stage is set for a most glorious farewell, for the “tah tah, bon voyage, and Godspeed!”

A handkerchief is the last thing put into Gwen’s casket, before it is closed. She had given it to her grand daughter years earlier, as a keepsake.  Her grand daughter wanted a way of having part of herself with her grand mother. It also was a way of saying good bye.  Indeed, a handkerchief is so useful at times, in different ways.  It belongs at the dock as the ship begins to sail away.  Everyone waving, and Gwen, so touched by the outpouring, so very well dressed, with such beautiful make up, shimmering herself like the ocean.  Eventually, she turns to face the horizon.