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“How come I hurt?”

“Honey, you fell. It will heal. Sometimes we hurt and we get better, we just hurt for a little while.”

“But why would God let me hurt? It really hurts!”

“God will help you get better, honey. God is going to protect you, but some times even with God looking over us
we are going to hurt.”

“Not fair. It hurts too much!”

“I can tell you a story, would you like to hear a story?”

“As long as it has a happy ending, and there is no more hurt, ok…”

“I can promise you that, and in fact you just told yourself about yourself!”

She smiled for the first time and squeezed mom’s hand. By the morning she was getting better. Within a week she was out and about, frolicking, and would not remember this quiet conversation until some years later. When it came back to her she was talking with her brother, who listened intently, and he would tell others as well. Who would tell others, who would tell others as well.