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See that ivy? Not uncommon. Give an inch… in time you are just about covered!

An advantage of being quarantined, of limited activity, and limited travel, is reflection. You can notice things. Study them. Take stock of them. Ruminate and then sit down and make sure to type out a note for others just in case, in the unlikely event, they are not aware of what you have discovered, what you have learned. Your intention is to inform.

So, if you are a plant, a tree, a wall, or even a human being who is sedentary, do not, I repeat do NOT allow ivy ever to have unrestricted access to you. Unless, that is, you want to be swamped, covered, inundated, largely taken over and victimized.

Ivy that grows on the ground can be a home for varmints. Oh, sure, ivy can be green, attractive, hearty, some kids might even want to jump or roll in it — avoiding sprinklers on the way — but do not be lured into complacency. Ivy at its heart is aggressive, has world domination as its overall goal. Ivy is relentless. Of course, of course ivy cajoles, humors you, it is very complimentary to you, but ivy has an agenda. And the agenda is to spread, and keep spreading, to grab on and to smother.

Ivy – not so Ivy league.

Ivy, the Machiavelli of the plant world.

So, how do you get rid of ivy once it has assumed much of your person, place or thing? One word: Hack.

Another word: Cut… as in hair cut.

Or, an expression: Rip it off! No… no… no…. it isn’t akin to hair removal by wax. Where do you even come up with stuff like that?

I have now talked things over in detail with both the ivy and the plant, and they have agreed to wholly separate. Face it, if ivy remains there too long it could assert squatter’s rights. The plant finally has said, a torch held high above: “I don’t care how you leave, just leave… go away, crawl elsewhere!”

Ivy protested, but not for long. Ivy seemed particularly motivated when a gardener came by with a whirring saw.

“Lesser of two evils,” ivy confided to me.

Slowly… a few days later… the ivy began to peal off and sulk away. I watched the process. I have time to observe given the quarantine.

Then, one week later, I went out for a nice walk… and to my astonishment there it was. There it is! All of it, and seemingly even more!

The ivy just switched places. The ivy found another suitable environment, or sucker, whichever the case may be.

Ivy, the Machiavelli of the plant world.

Next thing you know we will replace the expression “I believe!” with “Ivy leave!”

Dust to dust…. all else to ivy.

This I have learned. A benefit of Covid 19.

Just remember: Fore warned is fore armed! Friend, if you are approached by ivy: Be cautious!